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Fused Glass Framed Window Hanging - Wholesale

Fused Glass Framed Window Hanging - Wholesale

These frames have become some of my favorite things to make.  Each one unique and better than the last.  Sizing is done by the size of the glass.  The frames are approximately 1/4” larger than the glass sizes.This particular listing is for 4”x4” trees.  You may choose your season.The frames are handmade by a lovely kind man I found on Etsy.  They come unfinished so I sand, stain with an ebony stain and finish them.  Then I screw in an eye hook so you can hang them where you’d like.These are perfect for windows as the light coming through them truly makes them stand out.  Absolute eye catchers.I have several different images available as well as different sizes.Each tree will come with “The Gift of a Tree” card pictured here.
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