Fused Glass Tree, Wood Wall Art, Key Holder

Fused Glass Tree, Wood Wall Art, Key Holder

One of a kind fused glass trees are the focal point to this wood plaque with hooks to hang your keys on.

The plaque is 4 5/8” square while the glass is 3” square

The cherry wood plaque starts as rough cut lumber.  I plane, sand, stain and finish the wood.  The tree is made from beautiful art glass using glass enamel paper and mixtures of glass frit.  The glass is adhered to the plaque with silicone and has 2 hooks to hang your keys on.  Lastly a soda can tab is screw to the back for hanger, a hack I learned in 4H as a child.  

Why trees?

The Tree of Life symbolizes the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. It honors our ancestors and family connections with its branching arms. It stands for growth and strength, with the foundation of its strong roots. The tree’s unique beauty symbolizes the individuality inside each of us.  It reminds us of the possibility of rebirth with its ability to create seeds which foster delicate saplings.   And, perhaps most beautifully, The Tree of Life brings us peace with its tranquil grace as its leaves flutter gently on the breeze. 

The perfect Housewarming gift, anytime gift for family or friends...or just keep it for yourself!  Handmade with love and joy by me, I just love what I do.

Thank you for looking.  Have a fabulous day!

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